Wednesday, 29 March 2000

New buildings

Listening to:

Shostakovich, symphony #4 in C minor, Op. 43. This symphony was composed in the mid-30s, but not performed until 1960. After being severely criticised by Pravda for his opera Lady Macbeth, Shostakovich withdrew this symphony from rehearsals and the next symphony of his to be performed was the fifth.

The Soviet Union in the 1930s has to have been one of the most terrifying places to live.

Forgot to put my watch on this morning after my shower. I'm cut off from the universe!

The supermarket saga continues: it seems that we may be about to acquire an Asda in place of the Co-op. We had to walk into town on Saturday morning to do our shoppping at the central Sainsbury's. Central Cambridge is carnage on Saturday; I can't recommend it. We did stop off to do some other window shopping though.

The Computer Lab is moving to a new building next year. The building site has recently been officially blessed. The pictures of big-wigs in hard-hats are ridiculous. It's all so much posturing, a mutant machismo maybe. Here's an example.