Friday, 24 March 2000

Umm, a variety really

Listening to:

Little brown jug, performed by Glenn Miller et al..

Went to Hunger Site today and discovered that they've changed their original design. There's less text on the page; and now the site attempts to set a cookie when you connect to it. Hrumph!

The situation in Northern Ireland continues to develop. David Trimble now has a challenger for the leadership of the Ulster Unionist Party. Heard all about it on the BBC Radio 4's great Today programme. The “informed opinion” certainly seemed to think that the challenge by Smyth would be bad if it succeeded, because Smyth is against the Good Friday agreement.

This web-log is a bad habit in many ways. It's just encouraging me to document my life in yet another way. I've already mentioned my “pen-and-paper” diary, but you didn't know about the lab logbook, nor the book-list, did you?

Trawling through Salon's pages the other day, I came across some interesting essays by Ellen Ullman. One of them is all about the struggle software engineers have to keep up with the cutting edge. I wondered if I could class myself a S/W engineer, and decided that computer scientist was probably more accurate.