Wednesday, 22 March 2000

Educating Rita, Mahler & online diaries

Listening to:

Mahler, symphony #3. I first came across the name Mahler in the film Educating Rita where a minor character attempts (perhaps successfully) to commit suicide to the strains of Mahler.

Clearly this doesn’t do Mahler any favours; but I don’t think it’s very fair. His music is not just doom, gloom and for the terminally angst-ridden.

The film is otherwise OK though. Julie Walters and Michael Caine are both very good.

Elsewhere, Judith at Calamondin is becoming increasingly cryptic. I think the problem is that she has decided that she wants to talk about Important Stuff, just as if the web was a private diary. However, you have to protect the innocent, and keep some things private, and the result verges on the inscrutable.

This is the second time I've attempted to write this entry. While writing version one, I started to speculate about the degree to which Netscape had implemented the various Emacs editing commands. For example, Alt-D works fine to delete words. I wondered about Alt-Q to fill a paragraph, typed it in and promptly caused Netscape to exit. My immortal prose had only been in a text entry box, and it was lost forever. (So much for immortal!)

Got to test the oven last night; it works, hurrah!