Friday, 17 March 2000

CD traversal, Hunger Site, Peace in Ireland

Listening to:

Beethoven, piano sonata in D, op 28 Pastoral. What, yet more Beethoven? It just so happens that I've decided to “traverse” my CD collection. I keep track of where I’m up to, and every day I try to listen to one CD from that position in the collection. I bring in other CDs too, but I typically start my day with the traversal CD.

One of my daily visits is to the Hunger Site. Being able to make a free donation of food for the benefit of the starving seems a good idea. Or at least, I thought so until today, when I was suddenly struck by the thought that maybe food aid isn’t really the best way of helping needy people. I’ve read that extensive food aid can really mess up local economies, because it can only serve to discourage local farmers. Equally, not having anyone to sell food to because they all died of starvation last year is also likely to be bad for local farmers. I guess I have to hope that the UN world food program knows what it’s doing.

Today is St. Patrick’s day. President Clinton will apparently be urging the politicians of Ireland to “give peace a chance” or some such. Who knows, maybe this will make a difference. Most people I’ve met from Northern Ireland are pretty cynical about the “peace process”, but you never know.