Monday, 13 March 2000

Tudors and SourceForge

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Beethoven, piano trio in D, Op 79 No 1, “Ghost”.

Still reading:

Elton’s England under the Tudors. What, still? you cry. I never promised that this was going to be a quick experience, and, unlike some, I prefer not to read multiple things at once.

I’ve read about the nature of the supposed revolution in government that Thomas Cromwell instigated during the 1530s, and I’ve also shot through the end of Henry VIII’s reign and those of his immediate successors, Edward VI and Mary. Elton is of the strong opinion that it’s as well these guys didn’t stick around. Next will be Elizabeth I, but first a chapter ahead on the economic crisis of the time (inflation).

In other news, I am pleased to report that the project I mentioned a while back as being in the process of shifting to SourceForge has now made a big step towards actually getting there. Anyway, you can read all about it at the Cheth home-page.