Wednesday, 8 March 2000

Supermarket saga

Listening to:

Beethoven, sonata #2 in G minor, Op. 5 No. 2 for piano and cello.

Our local super-market is closing down, meaning that shopping trips from home are going to become that much more tedious. Still, the cycle ride to the next nearest is good exercise. I guess I should say that life in Cambridge can be led quite easily without a car.

Perhaps we should just start using what is apparently Britain's biggest online grocery shop; Tesco’s. Recently, a representative from the trucking industry came onto the radio to say that the advent of the Internet was going to result in many more trucks patrolling suburban streets because of all the deliveries that Internet shopping was going to cause.

Today, I’ve been bad; I’ve gone back and editted some of my old entries for March to make them fit into a brave new world where I don’t have a link at the top of each entry.