Monday, 6 March 2000

Entry #17

Listening to:
Beethoven, Kreutzer sonata, played by Itzhak Perlman and Vladimir Ashkenazy.
Still reading:
Elton's England under the Tudors. I've read about Henry VII, Henry VIII and his divorce of Catherine of Aragon, leading to the dissolution of the monasteries and the formation of the Church of England. It's fascinating stuff, and it's good to be reading about this half-known stuff in detail.
My link of the day is to a commercial outfit that hopes you will maintain what it calls e-circles on their web-site. In exchange to looking at their ads, and for accepting a slew of cookies, you get to form various groups (whether they be of family or friends), and do things like share a calendar, make announcements, chat online, and upload photos for a photo album.

It's quite a nice idea and seems well implemented (you get to choose a little cartoon graphic to represent yourself; cute), but it is also somehow slightly too commercial.