Monday, 28 February 2000

Quick Dickens

Listening to:

Sibelius, symphony #7 in C, Op. 105. A 20th century symphony in C major.

Just read:

I finished Great Expectations yesterday. It’s certainly a great novel, and brilliantly plotted. I got through it in three sessions, and found it very enjoyable. Dickens’s women aren’t all totally believable. In particular, the “saintly angel” figure seems to be a staple of his fiction.

Now reading:

My next book is Elton’s England under the Tudors; a famous history, though now regarded as slightly old-fashioned. I’ll let you know how I get on with this. I doubt I’ll finish it in three sittings.


The link: Supervising arrangements

I should be doing other stuff right now. In fact, today’s link is all about it. I’m doing my bit to turn Cambridge students into world-conquering Oxbridge graduates. The supervision system at Cambridge (they’re called tutorials at Oxford, but the system is otherwise similar there) is widely held to be one of the university’s great strengths.

It has its moments, but right now, I wish term was over.