Friday, 25 February 2000

Railroad Tycoon II

Listening to:

Bruckner, symphony #9 in D minor.

I feel as if I’m setting myself up to pose as some sort of bastion of anti-popular culture conservatism. I’m not a reactionary old fogey, honest. My take on it all is that pop culture gets quite enough attention as it is, so I see no reason to add my voice to that hubbub.

There’s an interesting article in this week’s Economist about the hype surrounding e-commerce. (I won’t bother linking to it because it won’t stay at a fixed URL for long before being consigned to subscriber-only archives.) It suggests that many of today’s e-companies are going to crash and burn, just as early railways, car makers and airlines did when those industries had their bubbles. (One has to wonder quite how the wonderful folk at pitas are making their money.)

Anyway, this allows me to segue gracefully into a brief word about my title above, Railroad Tycoon II, a great computer game. I got it as a Christmas present, and we’ve been playing it pretty much every weekend since. I just finished the Cape to Cairo scenario, and thus the first campaign. I felt this was a great achievement.