Wednesday, 16 February 2000

Entry #9

Link: American Beauty
Went to see this last night. I quite liked it, but we eventually decided that it wasn't as good as All about my mother, which has picked up an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film.

(There's a story to be told in finding the URL above. Having seen a trailer for The talented Mr. Ripley mention that its URL was, I figured that every film these days had its own domain-name. But it seems not; leads to a pasta company from New York. The film site is co-hosted with Amazon--strange, I thought.)

Anyway, after a full and frank exchange of views, we decided that the problem with AB was that it veered too much between parody and glutinous sentimentality. The characters in AAMM are in even stranger circumstances, but are much more sympathetic and engaging.

There's a few films out there that I quite fancy seeing. In addition to Ripley, I want to see Topsy Turvey, Cradle will rock and the one about the secret passage into John Malkovich's head.