Monday, 14 February 2000

Reading Granta

Link: Granta

Hitherto this web-log has presented a picture of me that is sadly lacking. I have yet to own up to my great love of reading. The link is to the magazine of new writing Granta. I’m currently reading issue 61, whose theme is the sea.

There’s a great piece in there by a British writer who goes to sea with a Spanish fishing boat. Non-Europeans may not be aware that fishing rights in European waters are a long-standing source of bad feeling. The Spanish are often cast as the villains of the piece because Spain consumes the most fish in Europe, and has the biggest fishing fleet.

What comes out of the piece in the Granta is that the fishermen are as aware of the environmental issues as anyone. They're not the rapacious destroyers of the environment you might expect them to be given the typical coverage in the British press. Further, if the boat the author of this piece went out with is typical, most fishermen would much prefer not to be involved in the industry if they could support themselves some other way.

If you were keen to do further research, I imagine that the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation's Fisheries Department site might be the place to start.

P.S.: The river that passes through Cambridge is really called the Granta. I think the magazine has or had some link with Cambridge, but don't think that I'm recommending it on this basis!